V.C. Andrews - My Sweet Audrina

My Sweet Audrina - V.C. Andrews

I think she did a fantastic job with the Flowers in the Attic and the Heaven books, but this book is unique in its own way and tells a compelling story within one book, instead of a series. To be frank, this sort of story works better as a standalone, otherwise the story would have dragged on)

This is the only standalone VCA ever published, but oh what a book it is. Things are not always as they seem, and there are always enough plot twists to leave me satisfied (even if some of them are considered cheesy) Every time I read it, I always notice new details.

The revelation about the First and Best Audrina was a shocker (at least some of it was, to me) and I shall not say what it is because I shall not spoil you! And as for who the real villain is? Well, doubtless Vera is a villain! But as you read it, you will realize that Vera is but the tip of a iceberg. So read this book, gasp and thrill at the secrets and twists, and enjoy!